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A Little R & R…..

I took this photo of Jaston Williams, Joe Sear...

Jaston Williams & Joe Sears

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but last Tuesday I didn’t post on the blog. My daughter was here for a ten-day visit and we were heavily engaged in having a good time. She comes only once a year, so I spend as much time as possible with her. She came to celebrate my birthday, which always falls on Thanksgiving weekend. Plane tickets were considerably cheaper at the first part of the month, so we celebrated early. LOL

For my present, besides her visit, she treated us to a play, “A Tuna Christmas,” starring Joe Sears and Jaston Williams.

I don’t know if any of you have ever seen these two guys in their two-man plays set in Tuna, Texas, or if you even know who they  are. But if you haven’t seen them, you have missed a true laugh-a-minute opportunity. This is brash Texan irreverence at its boldest and Texana at its corniest. And these two men do a brilliant job portraying more than a dozen humorous characters over the course of the play. Here’s a clip from You Tube. There are several more clips on You Tube if you want to watch.

The first Tuna play they presented was years ago, “Greater Tuna.” They followed up a few years later with “A Tuna Christmas.” They have since done “Tuna Does Vegas” and “Red, White and Blue Tuna.”  If you would like to read about these award-winning actors and the Tuna plays, they have a Web site. http://www.greatertunavisitorscenter.com/

It makes me sad to see these two actors aging and know these plays won’t always be around starring these two particular men. In fact, I believe some of the performances are already now done by other actors. I’ve never seen the plays with other actors. I feel privileged to have seen them performed by the original cast.

If you’re interested in some Texas laughs, Amazon sells DVDs of two of the plays. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Dmovies-tv&field-keywords=A+Tuna+Christmas&x=10&y=18

Tuna, by the way, ism or was, a town in Texas. The Texas Historical Association says it was six miles south of Cotulla on the International and Great Northern line in west central La Salle County. Notice they say *was*, not *is*. But they also say it was shown on maps of LaSalle County as late as 1965. Whether it still exists, I don’t know. Many small Texas towns have dimply disappeared.

Besides going to the play, we shopped for beads, did beading and attended a bead show. My daughter is a bead artist and a stained glass artist. She’s done beautiful work in stained glass, which is a lot bigger hobby in Oregon than it is in Texas. We had fun creating while she was here. She does intricate bead work with a needle and seed beads, while I only string beads. I don’t have the eyesight or the patience to do what she does. The frustrating thing about beading is you get half-way through a project and discover you don’t have something you need. Then you have to search and search for that one thing that will make the creation perfect. And you might never find it, I’m discovering. A couple of years ago, I envisioned a necklace out of aquamarine and crystal beads. I found the crystal beads fairly easily, but didn’t find the aquamarine at a price I thought was reasonable. I’ve been searching for the perfect aquamarine beads ever since. PERFECT = RIGHT COLOR + RIGHT SIZE+ RIGHT PRICE. <sigh> Maybe next year. As you can see, I’m not quite ready to abandon the vision.

My daughter has gone home now, so I’m back to the daily grind. Writing, writing and writing. And working, working, working. Since I work in retail, life is a zoo right now. And Black Friday looms. But maybe I’ll find the time to string a bead or two. I did find some things at the bead show I couldn’t live without.

What about you, fellow readers? What hobbies are you dedicated to?


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