Readers (and Writers) Beware!

Amazon recently filed lawsuits against 1,000 individuals for fraud. Amazed that there are that many? I assure you it’s a drop in a bucket and a pathetic excuse for trying to solve the problem. It has not stopped.

Unfortunately, almost all other small presses and epublishers have been driven out of business. Amazon now owns somewhere around 95% of all book sales. All other bookseller combined comprise the remaining 5%. Small presses go in and out of business like passing through a revolving door.

Anna Jeffrey: I'm Just Saying...

The world of electronic publishing and reading has been a blessing to many people. My DH for instance. On his Kindle reader he can enlarge the font and enjoy reading without his glasses. I, too, like reading on my Kindle and I like getting ebooks at a cheaper price than print books most of the time.

It certainly has eliminated a storage problem for me in that even before Kindle, I already had rooms full of books that I didn’t know what to do with and didn’t have room for more. Still the case, I might add.51nk+aSvOFL._AC_US327_QL65_

Electronic publishing has enabled me to publish my own books instead of going through the crap-shoot of trying to sell them to New York publishers, which is like wading through Saran Wrap. It has brought me income that I wouldn’t have received from traditional publishing, for which I’m grateful.

A couple of years…

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