Re-Reading Old Books…

Lately, I’ve been re-reading books I’ve already read.


I started thinking about this a few months ago as I embarked on listening to “Gone with GWTWthe Wind” on audio. I read it the first time a long, long time ago. Then I read it again after I saw the movie. Now I’ve listened to it as an audio book. The audio of this dramatic book is over 40 hours long and it’s just as  wonderful to hear it as it was to read it. The woman who narrates it does a great job.

I only hope the book and the movie survive what is going on in our society now. I fully expect to never see the movie on TV again.


My next re-read was “Heart of the West” by Penelope Williamson. I’ve now re-read this book at least four times. This is what I call a “big” book. It’s a saga that spans years. The author captured the essence of the three main characters perfectly—oneHeart of the West  anti-hero who violates every rule there is, one a foundation-of- American-life hero who built the West and a a starchy Easterner heroine whose true grit makes her a more than worthy heroine. One of the things I often find in romance novels is that the heroines don’t live up to the magnitude of the heroes. Not true with this book. Maybe that’s why I like it. It’s a book to love with characters to root for whether you like Westerns or not.

Penelope Williamson is a great author. She wrote another book that is on my list of keepers, too, “The Outsider.” I haven’t re-read that one this year, but I might yet.



Now, I’m re-reading the 5-book Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day. Another book has been added since the picture on the left entitled “One with You.”

The hero Gideon and heroine Ava are the ultimate modern, hip, wealthy characters who meet an erotic relationship head-on. Again, Ava is a heroine worthy of the sexy, controlling and dynamic billionaire businessman, Gideon Cross.

This author was not one of my faves until I read this series. This story is sort of an offshoot of the notorious “Fifty Shades” series, but so much better written. I’m surprised a movie hasn’t been made of this story of obsession and lust.

I also re-read a shorter duet by this author. “Afterburn” and “Aftershock.” Good reads. Now that I’ve become a fan, I wish she wrote more in the contemporary genre.


I’ve gone back and started listening to the audio versions of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich. The narrator is perfect for these books. You definitely get the New Jersey flavor from her voice.

The early books were so much better than the later ones, IMHO. I can’t fault Janet Evanovich too much for this though. I  can only imagine the challenge to keep a series that now has grown to more than 20 books fresh and interesting  I have a hard time writing a trilogy.

 So why re-read books you might ask…

For the same reason I add some books to my keeper shelf and don’t add others. Sometimes, something about a story or the writing  just catches me and I decide it’s worth a second read. If you’re a writer, a clever turn of phrase is like catnip. I always discover new things I passed over before and I sometimes find that I’ve forgotten something about it.

How about you? Do you re-read books? Feel free to add your comments about the books you give a second read and why. I’d love to read your comments.








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6 responses to “Re-Reading Old Books…

  1. Janette

    Yes, I have re-read all of your books. I just finished The Cattleman while waiting on your book The Horseman.


    • Wow, Janette! Thank you so much. I’m working and working on THE HORSEMAN. Have had some plotting problems, but I think I’ve solved most of them. Now I just have to finish the damn book! Thanks again for reading the books and thanks for stopping by and commenting. If you haven’t subscribed to the blog, please do.

      Anna J.


  2. Mary Craig

    I think re-reading old, good books is like reconnecting with an old, good friend. While I donate or re-home plenty of books, the good ones stay in my bookshelf, faithfully waiting until I come back for another visit. Sometimes we find books when we need them the most, or they find us, and going back to them reminds us of a place or time where we found what we needed when we needed it. Thanks for the prompt. I’ve been wondering what to read next. I think I’ll head back to my bookshelf for a reunion of sorts.


  3. I reread several books from our keeper shelves. My favorites are PRINCE CHARMING by Julie Garwood, LORD PERFECT by Loretta Chase, THE PROMISE OF JENNY JONES by Maggie Osbourne, and several books by Louis L’Amour–especially FALLON. We learn from reading talented writers. In addition, rereading a favorite is like visiting with an old friend.


  4. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Caroline. I love Louis L’Amour and I’ve read a lot of his books. I wonder if I’ve read that one. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for reminding me.


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