As most of the country has probably heard by now, ex-Navy SEAL and American hero Chris Kyle and a friend, Chad Littlefield,  were murdered by an ex-marine at a gun range here in Texas.

He also wrote a bestselling book, “American Sniper,” about his war experiences. If anyone wants to read of a sincere love of country, I urge you to read his book.

I did not know him, yet I felt like I became close to him through reading his autobiography. It’s weird how his book touched me. I can’t describe it. And my husband 9780062238863_p0_v1_s260x420feels the same. I guess it’s that six degrees of separation thing. At one time before he joined the Navy, he worked on a ranch in the county where I live and I know a couple of people who went to high school with him.

Besides being a war hero, he was a good and caring man with the courage of his convictions. Apparently many people loved him and looked up to him. He was the very definition of leadership.

He was in the Navy ten years. Did four tours in Iraq. He was in the midst of the worst of it–Falluja and Ramadi and saved thousands of American lives. He was wounded twice. Known as the “Devil of Ramadi,” he had a price on his head. After surviving all of that, he left the Navy because he had been away from his wife and two small kids so much.

Now, after being home only a few years, he’s been murdered. He deserved better. He deserved to spend time with his family who loved him. His wife and kids deserved his company and influence on their lives. All of us need and feel the loss of a seldom-seen hero of his caliber.

CHRIS KYLE, American Hero

CHRIS KYLE, American Hero

I’ve seen stunning irony a few times in my life. It’s something that always leaves me reeling. His death is such a supreme example of it. I’ll be weeks getting my head around it. I cannot even describe the hurt I feel. My heart is broken I mourn him as if he were one of my own. And I mourn his friend.

For anyone who’s interested, he will be memorialized at Dallas Cowboy Stadium on Monday, February 11th. There are numerous websites and groups collecting for his family and for the family of his friend, Chad Littlefield.



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  1. godis4me

    Anna, I feel the same. I frequent a website former Navy Seals and military sofrep.com and the editors knew him personally and had him on their TV videos often for us. It really feels like I knew him and that’s a comment often heard. They had a wake online for him last night like a big family. Devastated does not describe their special loss and the Special Ops Community are torn up. Marcus Luttrell, another Texas boy and former Navy Seal, commented that this was number 67 of their losses and it never gets any easier. I’m like you feeling genuine grief but, my thoughts keep going to Taya and Leanne, Chad’s wife, and their children and their entire families. They are in my heart and in my prayers. I am so thankful these were christian men. Thank you for honoring both these special men in your newsletter and saying some of the same things we said. I say, Chris Kyle, a legend has now become The Legend.


    • Thanks for stopping by and adding this. I, too, think about the families left behind with young kids. Knowing your dad was a hero doesn’t make up for his absence. Even though his relationship with his wife was touched only briefly in his book, still, the torn loyalties and the emotion were there on the pages. She, too, is a strong woman to have stuck it out through so much. There are many who wouldn’t have. ….. I agree with your comment about The Legend. It can only be something spiritual that causes a man who is a perfect stranger to most of us to arouse so much emotion. The feeling of helplessness is almost overwhelming. I have to have faith that a greater good will somehow come from this, although at the moment, I can’t think what it would be. …..


      • godis4me

        Anna, no doubt you would recognize a hero and a cowboy right away since you write about them so well. Thank you for your newsletter honoring these guys. Shows me your heart and who you are. There will be a movie made about Chris’ book since the rights were sold to actor Bradley Cooper last year.
        Chris gave up his SEAL career to give his all to his family. He and Taya talked about it on a video and yes she is a strong woman. He once said, “I’m a better husband and father than a killer”. He was a devout christian and family man but, after his years of serving his country nearly non-stop they only had a few short years. He made them count.
        RIP Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.
        100% donations go to the families http://www.thecraft.com/


      • On Facebook this morning, I saw a slide show someone had posted in memorial. I couldn’t figure out how to put it here, but it’s on my Anna Jeffrey FB book page if you want to take a look at it. It’s touching. I’m still so sad over this man’s death.


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