I’ve hired someone to format THE LOVE OF A LAWMAN for the digital bookstores, so I won’t be taking six months to do it myself and get it uploaded. If all goes well, I’ll be able to upload it by the end of this month and hopefully, it will be error-free.

I have a cover ready and waiting. It was designed by miracle worker Kim Killion. I love this woman.

I’m weary of seeing half-naked men on book covers, so I decided to go a different direction. Seems like every other book these days has a picture of bare chests and abs. Hope I haven’t made the wrong decision. This guy looks pretty good, doesn’t he? Even if he is fully clothed. Let me know what you think. One nice thing about self-publishing: If the cover is wrong, you can take a mulligan.

This book was originally released in 2005. The original cover designed by my print publisher won the Cover Cafe award for cover of the year.

Like all of my books, it’s kind of a soap opera. The “What If?” question I asked when developing this story was, what if beautiful gutsy woman who has been abandoned by the guy she ran away from home with years back, returns to her hometown, bringing her brainy daughter, searching for her roots and starting her life anew, only to encounter and be distracted by the man who has been in love with her since they were teenagers?

What if a handsome ex-ProRodeo champion, who is divorced and starting over, takes on the job of sheriff in his tiny crime-free hometown just to while away a few months before he does something else, then a murder occurs under his watch? And what if, at the same time, he runs into the beautiful woman he had a crush on in high school?

If you’ve read my books, you know that all of my heroines are beautiful and all of my heroes are handsome. Romance novels are, after all, fantasies. So if you haven’t read this one, it will soon be available through Kindle and Nook and other online venues.


The second occurrence is I had a conversation with Amazon about publishing a print edition of THE TYCOON. According to them, I’m wrong in thinking I should publish it as an e-book first. They recommend I publish it as a POD book first. I’m still deciding. In any event, God willing, I’ll get this book on the market this year. I started the year thinking I would get it out there in February. Then I moved the date to May, then September. Now I’ve lowered my sights and I’m just shooting for 2012. So much for best-laid plans.


My newly designed Web site is up and functioning. Check it out. www.annajeffrey.com. Let me know if you have any problems navigating it. It can be fixed.


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8 responses to “TIDBITS OF NEW OLD NEWS . . .

  1. Peggy

    Granny can throw that paperback bookcover away. Nice picture. A ranch lady once commented that she has lived many years on the ranch and fed cowboys during cutting and branding season, but NEVER did she see a cowboy who looked like the ones on the romance novels. (Of course, that didn’t stop her from reading them…smile) Fantasy is a wonderful thing. You just can’t beat handsome beautiful characters. Good luck and best regards.


    • Hi, Peggy, and thanks for posting. Well, as my New York editor once told me, all romance novels are fantasies. The very fact that they must all have a happy-ever-after ending to even get published makes them fantasies. As for the covers, the competition out there is still. Everyone is looking for an eye-grabber. And since most romance readers are women, guess half naked men fills the bill. LOL


  2. Billie Doubrava

    I vote for a POD book.


  3. Kerstin

    Looks great! It is the type of cover that makes me linger and check the book out.


    • That’s good news Kerstin, because that is the ultimate goal of covers. Trying to make one stand out from the others. Since there are so many covers with half-naked guys with abs on every other book these days, I thought a good-looking guy fully-clothed might stand out. LOL


  4. I absolutely love this cover. What a handsome cowboy! I dislike the covers of bare-topped so-called cowboys. No cowboy ever rode around wearing only a vest but not shirt or neither one,. I would buy this book in a heartbeat if I didn’t already have the original version. ☺

    I have had better success when I did Create Space first, then the e-book. Also better when you go to B&N and Smashwords and can check that a print version is available.


    • The covers are pretty humorous when you consider real cowboys and the kind of work cowboying is. I’ve never seen a working cowboy wearing even a short-sleeved shirt, much else less. Even when the temperature is 100-degrees. It’s a danger to be running around out there exposing bare skin.


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