The 5-day free book promotion in Amazon Kindle’s store on THE LOVE OF A COWBOY is over. It garnered a huuuge number of downloads. Or at least, I thought it was huge.  If I were earning Amazon’s standard rate for each download, today I would be an exceedingly happy woman.

I’m happy anyway to have had so many download the book and get the Anna Jeffrey brand out there to the reading public. Getting the book out there was something at which my print publisher did a very poor job. When the Anna Jeffrey books were all in print, I wish I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, “I’d love to read your book, but I can’t find it anywhere.”

Now I have to try to figure out what it all means. The number of downloads was 3 times as large as the number for THE LOVE OF A STRANGER. Was that because the word “cowboy” is in the title? Was it because it had a lot of 5-star reader reviews on Amazon? Was it because of the cover? ….. If you have an opinion, please let me know.

Apparently I’m still not on top of the formatting. A couple of readers made negative comment on Amazon about the formatting and proofreading. I thought I had all of that under control, but perhaps I do not. Either that, or something weird happens between the Word document and the upload to Amazon.

Eventually, I’ll promote something else, but at the moment, I’m trying to get THE TYCOON finished so I can publish it. That has taken me a whole lot longer than I intended for it to. Just not enough hours in the day.

So that’s the report. With far more downloads than I ever expected, I’m calling the promotion on the COWBOY book successful.

Would love to hear your comments.


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  1. Di AZ transplant

    Your promo was a success! Congratulations!
    1. Cowboy in title, 2. Your cover, 3. 5 star rating
    Of course, I read the book way back and loved it but, was extra happy to get it in ebook format.
    ps: remember, I commented on cover Love of a Stranger that I loved the old one better – new one does not depict ‘western’ in my humble opinion.


  2. Mary Craig

    Congratulations on such a fine accomplishment. You did a good job! As for the difference between Cowboy and Stranger, I think the title may have a lot to do with it. If all I had to go on was a title, and didn’t know anything about you or your writing, then I probably would rather read about a cowboy than a stranger. But that’s just me–a cowgirl and romantic at heart.


    • Hi, Mary…Thanks for commenting. I, too, am a cowgirl at heart. But you know what’s weird? Back when I lived in that world, I didn’t give a flip about it. I wanted to branch out, live in the city and be a career girl, as did many of the young people back then. Now I wish I could go back there, but “there” is gone. There isn’t even so much as a village where I grew up in West Texas.
      Anna J


  3. I am thinking that having Cowboy in the title was a big bonus for the number of people wanting to read the book. The book description is also a winner…Congratulations on the big success of downloads. Once they read your book, they will be “hooked”…….


  4. Teno

    Congratulations Anna! While the cover is what catches my eye it’s ultimately the storyline that makes me buy the book. Being a country girl, I am drawn to well written stories about farm/ranch life. You continue to be one of my favorite authors. Writing about cowboys is definitely a plus!


  5. Cheryl

    After reading The Love of a Cowboy, I am hooked! I can’t wait to read all of your other books. I was pulled in my the end of the 1st chapter. You left nothing out & I finished the book completely satisfied. You’re an amazing Author!! Keep them coming!!


    • Thank you so much, Cheryl. COWBOY has been around for a long time, but it never got much attention. It sort of fell through the cracks at the publishing house that originally bought it. Need I say that the fact that they never got behind it or any of my other books is one of my great disappointments in the publishing industry and one of my first hard lessons in the reality of the publishing world. When I decided to become an author, I thought I was escaping politics. Hah! …. But I own COWBOY now, so its rise and fall is strictly up to me. Thanks again for your comments.
      Anna J.


  6. KT

    I am always searching for a few free downloads of kindle books, so when I came across The Love of a Cowboy I ordered it, even though I’m not a big romance reader. Wow! I was in love with the characters from the beginning and loved the whole book. I will certainly be buying more of your books, and am confident that your writing and characterization will draw me in to each of them the same. Thanks for sharing your talent!


    • Thanks for such a wonderful compliment, KT. I appreciate your stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed COWBOY. It was a fun book to write. I lived in Idaho for many years and enjoyed writing a book with that setting. Now I live in Texas, so my last few books have been set in Texas.
      Anna J


  7. Carol Llamas

    Congrats on “Love of a Cowboy” If the word Cowboy is the benchmark for a title being downloaded, I believe that once people read it they will want to snap up all of your other titles for their Kindle. I know I did. When is “The Love of a Lawman” going to be released in digital format? Can’t wait for that.


    • Hi, Carol,
      Thanks for reading COWBOY and I hope you’re right. My problem is I can’t get books up fast enough. I just finished the book I intend to self-publish as an original book, THE TYCOON. I’m already working on the LAWMAN book. As I’ve commented before, the formatting is tedious and time consuming. And I still have my day job. 🙂


    • Hi, again, Carol. I could watch the SEAL movie again and probably will, even though the critics think it’s corny. …. I’ve read some of Suzanne’s SEAL books. I probably would enjoy them as audio books. I drive 12 miles one-way to work, so I do listen to audio books. Thanks again for commenting.


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