I watched the movie Act of Valor last week. This is the movie that was made starring Navy SEALs. The plot—dealing with worldwide narco-traffickers—was woven around the SEALs doing what SEALs do. Amazing physical feats, bravery and fearlessness, dedication and selflessness, efficiency and organization you can’t believe. And clean-cut good guys to boot.

US Navy SEALS being exfilled in a single hoist

US Navy SEALS being exfilled in a single hoist (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN)

It was rated R for violence. But then, war is violent.

The critics gave it 2 stars, whining that the SEALs couldn’t act. Well, duh.They aren’t actors. Even so, I thought they did a decent job. But then, I’m biased in favor of the SEALs. It doesn’t even need to be said that the critics and actors have never seen and will never see the day they could do what the SEALs do.

Task Force K-Bar SEALs at one of the entrances...

Task Force K-Bar SEALs at one of the entrances to the Zhawar Kili cave complex (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought it was great. Just as entertaining as any of the action flicks that are phony. And it was reality-based. I don’t know how anyone could watch it and not feel a prideful swelling in the chest. It’s amazing to know that we have men and women this smart and this capable and this self-sacrificing serving in our military.

Of course, the special operations forces are not the only heroes in our military. As far as I’m concerned, each and every one of our volunteer army is a hero. I’ve met very few that I can’t respect and admire. All of you who have sons and daughters and spouses and even cousins serving should be very proud.

The movie is for sale now. If you buy it, part of the purchase price goes to fund a homeland support group. So give it some thought.

US Navy SEAL students

US Navy SEAL students (Photo credit: AN HONORABLE GERMAN)

On a side note, my Anna Jeffrey mainstream romance novel, THE LOVE OF A COWBOY will be a free download in Amazon‘s Kindle Store for 5 days, starting Friday, the 15th. So if you haven’t read it and want to, you can do it for free. You don’t have to have a Kindle. I think you can download an Amazon app to most e-readers, through which you can then download books from Amazon. You can also download it to your computer.


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5 responses to “THE REAL HEROES

  1. jbgator9

    I just finished The Love of a Cowboy. Downloaded on my Kindle on Friday, started last night and finished this evening. Needless to say I did little else today. What wonderful book! Where can I find me a cowboy like that?


  2. Moica

    My husband and I watched the movie a few weeks ago. It was awesome!
    Just finished The Love of a Cowboy….great BOOK….now that would be one heck of a MOVIE! I’ve got to get another one to read now!


    • Hi, Moica. I love reading about the SEALs, so naturally I liked the movie. We don’t have nearly enough heroes in our everyday lives. I’m currently reading “American Sniper.” ….. Thanks for commenting on the COWBOY book. I was pleasantly surprised that so many downloaded it.
      Anna J


  3. Carol Llamas

    The SEALs are Amazing. It does make me proud that we have the best of the best at our back. Suzanne Brockmann has a series out about the SEALs named “The Troubleshooters.” It is Fantastic! At last count there are 16 books in the series and more to come. I listened to them in audiobook format for free from my library’s partnership with Media Mall. I highly recommend it.


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