I now have the cover for THE TYCOON. And it’s gorgeous.

I’ve already posted the blurb and the trilogy arc a few weeks back. I don’t know when I will get this uploaded. I was hoping for March, but now it might be May. This is taking me so much more time than I originally thought.

I’ve also finished and uploaded THE LOVE OF A COWBOY to Kindle and to Barnes & Noble. This book has been on a journey. I thought I would never get the copyright back. I’m so happy to now have it available again.

The  cover for it is gorgeous, too. The cover designer’s name is Kim Killion. And she’s awesome.

Work on these two projects, as well as some more personal demands on my time, is what has kept me from blogging for the past couple of weeks. There’s just so much to do. I’m trying to figure out how I can give up my day job so I can spend all of my time writing new books and marketing the old ones.

Also, my sister and I are hard at work on a new Dixie Cash epic. We’re up to Chapter 5. Here are some title ideas we’re kicking around. Let me know if you like any of these. Or if you have some ideas of your own, throw those out there, too. Bear in mind a dog and a loud-mouthed parrot will play prominent roles in this story.

1.  “Paws for Love (instead of Pause)”

2.  “You Can Have My Heart, but Don’t Touch My Dog”

3.  “My Heart is Yours, but the Dog is Mine”

4.  “Milk Bone Triangle”

5.  “The Bride Was a Beauty, but the Best Man was a Dog”

6.  “Canine Cupid”

7.  “Canine Custody”

Thinking of titles for these books has always been fun. In the New York publishing houses, selection of titles is done by committee. So please be our “Committee” and help us select a title.

Some of you might have noticed the book movie in the upper right hand corner of this blog has disappeared. The site where I designed it went offline and I haven’t yet mastered another method of putting up the covers. Another time-consuming task. New movie coming soon.

Hang in there with me, folks. Sooner or later I’ll get it together.


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20 responses to “BOOKS AND EXCUSES

  1. Love, love, love those covers. And for the next Dixie Cash, I vote for CANINE CUPID.


  2. Marie Brown

    I am all for “You can have my heart, but don’t touch my dog”.
    It is so great you two are back writing the Dixie Cash books. Can’t wait!


  3. Peggy

    Your previous DCash titles have been so catchy and clever….I know that’s the reason your books have been snatched off the shelves. Discovering that the stories are just as satisfying indicates that we love idioms and metaphors. I would go with #2 or #3.


  4. Anna I am in love with your books! I am so excited for the new one to come out! my vote is for…. “You Can Have My Heart, but Don’t Touch My Dog” thanks for constantly keeping me laughing!


  5. Alyssa Anguiano

    Love #2!!!!!!


  6. Jan

    It could be “Not a Bird Dog Tale”


  7. Lori Duvall

    I think this next book should be titled “You Can Have My Heart, but Don’t Touch My Dog.” Love it! Cannot wait to read the next book!


  8. Lisa Walley

    I can’t wait for the next Dixie Cash book. I love “My Heart is Yours, but the Dog is Mine.”


  9. Carol

    I like the title “You Can Have My Heart, but Don’t Touch My Dog”. Also, at the risk of sounding greedy, when will “For the love of a Lawman” going to be in digital format? I know it’s time consuming work, but can’t wait to get it. The Tycoon is going to be a Trilogy? Are the other two named and do you have any idea when they’ll be released? I can’t seem to get enough of your books.


    • Hi, Carol, and thanks for stopping by and commenting. Also thanks for being a fan of the books. Actually, I’m working on THE LOVE OF A LAWMAN now. Formatting is to tedious and time-consuming, I can’t say how long it will take me. One thing I’ve noticed, however, is every book has taken me a little less time. ….. THE TYCOON is Book #1 of a trilogy, THE SONS OF TEXAS. At present, I’m calling Book #2 THE CATTLEMAN and Book #3 THE HORSEMAN. I’m trying to wind The Tycoon up and get it uploaded soon and I’ve already started on The Cattleman. All I need is more time. …. I could go faster if I didn’t have an outside job I work at 4 days a week. :-}


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