Work on the first book of my new trilogy continues. Everything takes so much longer than I thought it would. So many more authors are self-publishing now, which slows down the process. But that’s good that aspiring authors who have been shackled or shunned by traditional publishing are finding an outlet.

I now have a title and have ordered the cover. That’s going to take several weeks. Not too long ago, it took a few days or a week. I don’t know yet how long copyediting will take.

At this moment, I’m planning an e-book release, followed by a POD release through Amazon. The title I’ve landed on for the trilogy is SONS OF TEXAS. And the title for the first book is THE TYCOON. The second book will be called THE COWBOY and the third will be called THE HORSEMAN. The setting is Fort Worth and rural Texas.

The book titles are fairly self-explanatory, but here’s the trilogy arc:

“The three grown children of an old wealthy but dysfunctional Texas ranching family find love in unexpected places in spite of their quarreling parents. Crisis and near tragedy ultimately reunite the parents who have been the root of the family’s breakdown and harmony that has been missing for many years returns to the Double Barrel Ranch.”

The flag of Fort Worth, Texas currently in use...

And here’s the blurb for THE TYCOON:

“When successful, wealthy Fort Worth businessman, DRAKE LOCKHART, encounters a beautiful redhead at a fancy charity ball, the last thing he expects is a tryst he can’t forget with a woman who disappears. With her continuing to haunt him, he’s driven to search for her. Once he finds her and persuades her to spend time with him, he recognizes that his bachelor days are over. But she has no trust in love or in him and erects barriers between them. Just when he thinks he’s winning her over, without his knowledge, an associate in his powerful company goes head to head with her in a business deal involving real estate she desperately wants. Restoring her faith in him is a challenge Drake must face and win if he’s ever to be happy.

Presented with the opportunity to spend time with one of the most successful businessmen in Fort Worth and one of Texas Monthly’s most eligible bachelors, SHANNON PIPER, smart, successful real estate broker in the small town of Camden, Texas, cannot deny her wilder side. Falling in love with a man she doesn’t trust isn’t on her agenda, yet she can’t ignore his attention or her own attraction to him. Her solution is to confine their relationship to “just sex.” After he claims to love her, his treachery in a business deal proves her original fears well-founded. She can’t easily be convinced she can ever trust him. Her unexpected pregnancy forces both of them to stop playing games and embrace their true feelings.”

English: Actor Hugh Jackman at the 83rd Academ...


As always, Hugh Jackman is my mental image for Drake, but I haven’t yet found one for Shannon. Sometimes I think of Julia Roberts, but with green eyes. Suffice to say Shannon’s beautiful and smart because all of my heroines are beautiful and smart. This book will be a typical steamy Anna Jeffrey drama. 🙂

English: Julia Roberts attending the premiere ...


I had hoped to get it out the door by the end of February, but that isn’t going to happen. So now I’m pushing for the end of March. <sigh> I’m nothing if not flexible.

I welcome your comments.


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14 responses to “WORK ON THE BOOK GOES ON…

  1. Lori Duvall

    The trilogy sounds very interesting. Looking forward to reading them all. Please keep up updated on the status and the dates. I have a Kindle now, so I’m looking reading to seeing your new books on Amazon. I love all of your books. Keep up the great work!


  2. The books sound great, as I expected they would! I am looking forward to reading them and will keep my fingers crossed that everything will move at a fast pace for you. I just LOVE your books!!


  3. what about brad pitt…did you see him in a river runs through? looks damn good in jeans and and hat! with or without a shirt! wears a hat right well too! his own wife, would be good for the female because she is both soft and strong and always beautiful. i see a bit of her venerability too.

    ok, do you need a reviewer (who may be just a bit biased to your writing? oh, are you going to make it kindle accessible too? please.


    • Thanks for posting, hodgepodgespv. You’re right about Brad Pitt. I did see him in A River Runs Through It. Great movie, by the way. One of my faves. …. I am going to need a blond hero for the 2nd book, THE COWBOY. I was thinking about Daniel Craig (I think that’s his name), but Brad Pitt would work, too. …. I did use Angelina Jole for a heroine in Salvation, Texas. I imagined her as Elena. I had some dialogue in that book where the hero’s sister tells him Elena looks like Angelina Jolie. …. I’m always looking for reviewers who will make positive statements about my books. LOL


  4. hang on a moment…you are working on a trilogy…are you still going to be able to participate as half of dixie cash?


    • My sister and I have always treated Anna Jeffrey and Dixie Cash as two different personas. There’s no comparison between the books. The Anna Jeffrey books are romance dramas and the Dixie Cash books are zany comedies, with a little light romance thrown in. I write the Anna Jeffrey books myself, but she and I co-author the Dixie Cash books.
      Anna J


  5. Linda

    HI, Im really looking forward to this trilogy. First book sounds captivating. Bet is will be hard to put down, an get to everyday living. Some books are like that. You just want to read read read, you get so wrapped up in the story. Love your books.


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  7. breanne clemmensen

    Will you be making your books avaliable on Nook too or just Kindle, hoping both as I have a Nook. This series sounds really good.


  8. Elinor Antis

    Love your books, I’m with Breanne Clemmensen. I have a Nook and really would like to be able to purchase your books on Nook. I read all of your books, they’re great and so far no real mistakes in factual locations and distances, etc. Keep it up. Elinor


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