How not to be successful… :-/

As many of you know, blogging is new to me. I’ve discovered I’m already  failure. First, I established a schedule, then I missed the deadline. Then I discovered I need a schedule of topics and some consistency. I’m a failure at that, too, because I suppose my blog is already turning out to be sort of like my life–all over the place and wildly disorganized in an organized way.

Mind you, I don’t love disorganization, though it appears that I do. For instance–and no one understands this–my various research files and pictures are all over the floor, but I know where every one of them is and what’s in it. As long as no one touches them, I’m fine. But occasionally my husband will think he’s doing me a favor and while I’m at work at my real job, he’ll pick them all up and put them in a neat stack. Then it takes me a week to find a single thing. I don’t scream and berate him though, because I know he had good intentions. Need I say that he and I both spend a good deal of time just looking for things.

Then there’s the writing. Someone suggested I should allow one blog day a week to write about writing. Hmm. I gave that some thought and concluded that everything I know about writing could be put in a thimble. I’ve  read probably 200 books, maybe more, on how to and why to. I’ve lost count of the number of classes and courses I’ve taken on creative writing in general as well as specific topics that are part of the process. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many fiction and non-fiction books I’ve read. But when I gave it serious thought, I couldn’t think of anything I know that someone else probably doesn’t know already. However, having said that, if I can figure out what someone might like to know about writing, I still might throw in a comment or two about it.

Then there’s reading. Now I do know a lot about reading. I’ve been a voracious reader of everything since I was a little kid. I grew up without the distraction of TV or entertainment most of us now take for granted. Half the time, we didn’t even have radio. Consequently, I read everything that came into the house from magazines to newspapers to….well, you get the idea. Nothing was off limits to us kids when it came to reading. I even read veterinary books and spent some of my youth puzzling about pictures I saw of sheep with huge goiters. (I still don’t know if sheep are more prone to goiters than other animals.) In my monthly newsletter, I do comment briefly on books I’m reading.

This week, I’ll probably be devoting a lot of time to figuring out Facebook, Twitter, Good Reads and other similar sites and how to get them all linked. And how to get my blog moved from “Unclassified” to classified as something. For a novice like me, all of this is a challenge.

Anyway, until I get everything figured out, anything is liable to crop up on my blog. I hope you’ll bear with me.




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6 responses to “How not to be successful… :-/

  1. Donna

    It’ll get easier I’m sure.


  2. Haha!! It’s all that technology that is supposed to make our life easier and more oganized. I would beg to differ. LOL Good luck with the bloig.


  3. Caroline Clemmons


    I don’t think you need to do blogs on writing. You’re trying to attract potential buyers for you books, and they don’t care about writing. I stopped doing writing blogs because of that. I have a lot of author interviews, book reviews, and just things that interest me. Seems to work better.


  4. Hi, Carolyn. And thanks for your comment. It’s a good thing. All I can say about writing is when it’s good I know it and when it sucks, I know that, too.


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